Simplex Projection Systems

Simplex projectors have become the standard for quality throughout the motion picture industry. The Simplex is a precision built, American made projector that provides a supreme performance.

Combined with sturdy construction and simple maintenance, the Simplex System is engineered for the theatre owner's highest standard and offers a continuously high standard of performance throughout its long life.

Theatre owners around the world demand the quality of a Simplex projector. When theatre reputations are at stake owners will choose the projector they can rely on: Simplex.

  • Unit construction of upper feed and lower holdback sprocket, assemblies, main vertical drive, fire shutter and governor, framing shaft assemblies and intermittent movement all mount to sturdy frame.
  • Intermittent movement, with hardened and ground starwheel and camshaft, is easily removable from the gear compartment.
  • Integral oil pump insures continuous lubrication of the gear compartment.
  • Shutter is a two-bladed, conical type located not more than 1-1 1/8" from the picture aperture, light efficiency exceeds 52%.
  • Upper feed and lower holdback sprockets are 24-tooth, reducing operating speeds and contributing to long life, Very Kind to Film (VKF) sprockets used exclusively.
  • Optional water cooled trap available for high wattage operation.
Simplex PR1014

  • Enclosed frame construction with hinged film compartment door and removable gear compartment door.
  • Precision manufactured and assembled.
  • Curved film gate and trap for steady picture and flat focus.
  • Roomy film compartment permits ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Net weight 64 pounds.
  • Studio version available in all models.
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Simplex 5-Star 35mm Soundhead

  • Pre-focused, direct scanning optics with solar cell pickup
  • Damping mechanism below impedance drum minimizes flutter and wow.
  • Large film compartment for ease of threading and cleaning.
  • Synchronous drive motor standard; 1800 rpm, 115 V.AC, single phase, 1/4HP.
  • International voltages and frequencies available.
  • Net weight 70 pounds including motor.
  • The 5-Star Soundhead is also available with Reverse Scanning Optics.
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Century Projection Systems

Century Projection Systems have become a popular option for quality in cinema presentations.

Based on precision gear drive concepts, the Century 35mm and 35/70mm projectors are the most well know, well liked and copied in the world

Standard Features:
  • Curved film gate and trap
  • Precision Intermittent
  • Studio Guides
  • Spring-lock gate closure
  • Film tested using Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) materials.
Optional Features:
  • Lens Turrets
  • Water Cooled Traps
  • Double Dissolving Shutters
  • Heat Filters
Century MSC-TU, SA-TU

  • Two standard 2-25/32" lenses accommodated without Magnacom.
  • Rugged construction provides prefect, repeatable image registration.
  • Auto-Turret (illustrated) executes fast, quiet format changes
  • Turret Controller compatible with all popular automation systems.
  • Manual turret available.
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Century MSC, SA

  • Enclosed frame construction with hinged access doors to both film and gear compartments.
  • Roomy, lighted film compartment permits ease of threading and cleaning.
  • Proven 'user friendly' service and maintenance features.
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